Use the Avon & City Docks as an energy source.

The Bristol Avon has an average flow of 23CuM per second. and it is already dammed to a head of over 8M. Install a turbine or turbines to generate electricity. A rough calculation indicates a potential for over 1MW for some 16 hours a day.

Use it to charge the batteries of Council EVs. Even the Mayoral limo. Save on petrol and diesel.

Heat, at least, the council offices by installing heat pumps under the Centre and around the Docks. There are GWs of renewable heat energy in the Docks waiting to pumped out - using green electricity from those turbines. Heat the Council flats that sit near to the water or pump it all over the City. Sell any left over to offices and stores. Teleheating. As they have in New York. 

Every kW of input is a potential 3.5kW of heating and hot water without burning a single Therm of gas. 




Why the contribution is important

As well as saving the ratepayer's money by powering its vehicles, heating and lighting Council offices without using mains power or Fossil fuels, FITs - Feed In Tariffs - could produce significant revenue. 

Plus, Bristol will be discharging cooled water into over-heated seas.


Win, win, win!

by user781236 on December 11, 2013 at 04:30AM

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