Using those on community service programs to help reduce staffing costs

Many essential council services are run by an army of staff.

Examples are: grounds-maintenance teams, refuse-collections, housing repairs, highway maintenance, hospital cleaning/laundry services*, Etc. etc.

The idea is for people sentenced to conduct ‘community service’ to work alongside permanent members of staff in a bid to reduce costs on councils – in essence, a supply of free labour.

This idea will benefit Bristol (or any city) by:

Allowing any company bidding for council tenders to lower their bids as ‘additional’ labour is available to them free of cost.

Aid the lowering of council taxes.

Assist the ‘community service’ work-force in finding a back-to-work skills-base (should they be out of work).

This idea does not intend to undervalue or demean the role of the permanent staff, but to provide them with assistance in achieving a job to be proud of whilst reducing the financial burden on the tax-paying public.

*To work alongside members of the public/hospital patients etc., a vetting process must be present.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important because it has the potential to achieve a number of benefits to all Bristol citizens.

It has capacity to reduce the cost of council taxes for all citizens, to provide a worthwhile (community-facing) endeavour for those serving on community service programs and assisting in the reduction of costs for councils when providing essential services.

by user465114 on November 21, 2013 at 11:52AM

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